Terms & Conditions


We”, “us”: The company providing the services: Helpy Ltd company registered in England and Wales No 9488399

You”: The customer requesting the provision of the services.

The cleaner” or “The introduced cleaner”: A self employed person introduced by us to you who will perform the works of cleaning your home.

A Commencement and Term

  1. This agreement starts on the date when the cleaner introduced by us to you starts working for you. By allowing the cleaner to work at your home you implicitly accept this Terms and Conditions.
  2. This agreement will continue so long as you use any cleaner introduced by us and until either party ends the agreement according to paragraph H.

B Miscellaneous

  1. Any dispute arising from this agreement will be submitted to the Courts of England.
  2. You cannot claim any service under this agreement if your account is in arrears.

C Our Service

  1. We will register cleaners to be introduced to clients only after they have successfully completed our recruitment process. This may include some or all of: telephone interview, completion of application form, home visit, identity check, address check, immigration status check, gathering of written references, telephone check of references, and/or other checks as we may deem appropriate. We may also use the services of a third party background check specialist company if we consider it necessary.
  2. We will select a cleaner from our database and arrange for you to interview the cleaner before they are allocated to become your regular cleaner.
  3. We will write to you to confirm your cleaner’s name, contact details and start date. This letter or email will also tell you how much to pay us (Agency Fee), and the minimum rate per hour we suggest you to pay your cleaner (cleaner’s rate).
  4. At your request, we will endeavour to provide temporary cover if your cleaner is unavailable. We cannot guarantee this will be on your usual cleaning day. Should we fail to provide a cover cleaner within 48 hours from your request we will refund you the agency fee paid for the hours missed. 
  5. We will replace your cleaner if you ask, at any time. In this case we will introduce you the new cleaner before she starts working for you.
  6. We will maintain continuous professional Employer and Public Liability insurance cover.
  7. The introduced cleaners are not employed by Helpy Ltd. They are self-employed persons working under the instructions and supervision of the client and using the client’s cleaning products and appliances. Because of that, we cannot control attendance or punctuality.  Any lack of compliance or dispute with the cleaner must be communicated to us by the client by means of a written note.  An email will suffice. 

D Your Responsibilities

  1. You will pay the cleaner at the stated cleaner’s rate at the end of each clean.
  2. You agree to provide the cleaner with clear work instructions and supervise the cleaner’s activities within your property.
  3. You agree not to request the cleaner to perform any work apart from those generally accepted as “housekeeping”. In particular, the cleaner
  • will not be involved in children care, baby-sitting or care assistance.
  • will not do any work outside the house such as gardening, walking dogs or shopping.
  • will not clean the exterior of windows unless they are on the ground floor and accessible without the help of ladders of similar devices.
  1. You must provide a safe working environment for your cleaner, including the provision of safe and fully functioning equipment.
  2. You will inform us immediately if you change your regular cleaning day or regular hours. Failure to do this may invalidate the insurance cover.
  3. You agree not to request the introduced cleaner to undertake any cleaning hours without our knowledge or without payment of Agency Fee.
  4. You will agree appropriate arrangements for public and local holidays, including the rescheduling of cleaning day/times, directly with your cleaner.
  5. You will provide all cleaning products and equipment and clearly instruct the cleaner on how and where to use them.
  6. You must notify us within 3 working days of any breakage or damage caused directly by the introduced cleaner.

E Payment

  1. The Agency Fee amount and terms of payment will be stated in our introductory letter/email.
  2. Your first Monthly Agency Fee is due to be paid on or before the cleaner start date.
  3. You agree to pay the Monthly Agency Fee in advance, by Direct Debit, or Credit Card.
  4. You may enter into alternative payment arrangements only with our written permission.

F Refunds

  1. If you request us to provide temporary cover, and we fail to do this within 3 working days, then you may request refund of agency fee for lost hours.
  2. You can only request refund of Agency Fees within 5 working days of any missed clean.
  3. We cannot consider requests for refund of Agency Fee for missed cleans when the cleaning hours have been lost due to events beyond our reasonable control (Acts of God or Force Majeure). This may include, but is not limited to, fire, flood, weather conditions, civil and industrial disturbances, power surges or failure and delays or failures by suppliers, subcontractors, utility companies, telephone companies, or other service providers.

G Insurance Cover

  1. All claims for loss caused directly by the introduced cleaner will be resolved by our insurers.
  2. The terms of our insurance cover are available upon request.
  3. Any claim for loss or damage is subject to our insurance excess of £150.00.
  4. The insurer’s decision is final and binding on all parties.
  5. Our insurance cover begins when we receive your completed Direct Debit instruction or Standing Order mandate. Cover will immediately cease if your account falls into arrears.

H End of Agreement

  1. Either party can end this agreement by writing to the other giving one month’s notice of termination. An email will be accepted as a written notice.
  2. We reserve the right to end this agreement immediately if you are in breach of these terms, or if we consider the continuation of this agreement may place in hazard the safety or well-being of the introduced cleaner.
  3. You agree not to use any introduced cleaner for two years after the end of this agreement. If you use any introduced cleaner after the end of this agreement, you agree to pay a referral fee of £500.00 within 7 days of invoice.